I recently overheard a conversation between two people queuing in a bank . The long haired one, after listening to the other for a while, said.
– ... Man, you don’t work in the evenings " The other interrupted him.
–No no. You're wrong. I' don’t go to work in the evenings when I don’t work is in the morning.


In this post I will highlight stories and fictitious people such as these, in order to illustrate in an entertaining way those values and signs of identity which have accompanied me not only in my musical project but in my life project.

Human frailties and weaknesses, and external pressures have not always allowed or allow me today to live up to these values, but if I stumble, I get up and carry on.

Since childhood I have learned that in life we should work with dedication, work hard and persevere in order to reap the benefit and to try to achieve our professional goals. Nothing is guaranteed but we can get closer to these goals.. However, not being organized is like going fishing with knotted nets. Every time I have worked without organization , the results have been truncated. This is what allows me to pave the way.


The first continued his very long winded speech.. Between sentences took a breath saying "and I say that ...". The man continued without letting the other person ask anything else, while the queue advanced little by little…

Are there more ways to handle relationships with others? I think we are people and being sincerely interested in others is very important to me. Not only do I feel good, but making another person feel good is a mutual feeling that spreads, and generates empathy and warmth. When the opposite occurs , when one, or even both people become transmitters without being concerned about each other, that noise, far from filling the space, creates a huge void: disinterest in others.

I think that really caring for others, searching, discovering their strengths and highlighting them is the cornerstone to feeling comfortable with those around you and these in turn will be comfortable with you. We can learn something from everybody. Even the most unfortunate person has experiences to convey. For me, respect for others begins by being sincerely interested in them, and this involves doing good come what may as my grandmother would say.


The guy paused before returning to where he had left off and asked.
–Why do you avoid work? Don’t you like it?
–I get bored. He replied and continued
– I work there because It came my way, it’s a guaranteed wage which I need . That today is everything.
– yeah ... .It is not that you don’t like to work it is that you do not like your work.
– Exactly


Is there anything that justifies someone pulling out of paid responsibility? Surely this is is cheating themselves and the organization that employs them. Possibly the depressed job market made the person choose that job, but they would be much happier if they had had the chance to do a job with vocation or at least with their innate skills. A bird with goggles learning to dive and which does well, is hoping to finish this activity and fly.

In my opinion, how many organizations have challenges pending in the area of Human Resources? Facilitating and promoting the mobility of people within its structures seeking maximum harmony between vocation-skills-performance. Working in vocation-related activities is not so much work as enjoying that activity to a certain degree (despite the pressure of healthy competition).

On the other hand, it is clear that the pursuit of excellence requires continuous improvement and innovation , substituting weaknesses for strengths, implementing new ideas that are worth more than they cost, implementing new technologies that promise to make us more useful than before. In life is there anything more risky than innovation? I would say that no innovation is riskier.. However, the further away we are from our vocation the less inclined we are to try to improve, innovate, to strive for excellence.


There are now only three people in front when suddenly he stops talking. His face brightens . He tells the other.
–By The way, It’s my lucky day. This morning I found a wallet with 400 euro in it.
–wow,. Whose is it?
– There’s an ID. It's some guy.
–What did you do?.
– called the radio and I explained the story on air. The presenter asked me what I wanted to do.
–What did you say?
– Well ....: "'I dedicated a song to him.

Lack of honesty , without anesthesia.
In how many cases is lack of honesty caused by lack of humility? If I didn’t have the humility to recognize a mistake, I would probably hide it and even deny it.

At home since childhood I have always heard: Don’t boast and brag or take things for granted, always be willing to learn every day regardless of how much you know about something: be humble.


He tells the long haired one.

– What a beautiful story. Some time ago, a couple had reservations about their daughter´s suitors . So one day they summoned them and told them ´in this bag there are seeds of ornamental plants. We are going to ask you to choose one. After 6 months you will have to bring back a pot with the plant grown in it, and the holder of the healthiest and best looked after will win the right to woo our daughter. So off they went, the months passed and the appointed day arrived. All the men came with exotic ,beautiful plants; all but one presented the empty pot and his face looked grim. The parents appeared and inspected theplants. When they reached this man the others laughed. The mother raised her voice.

-This is the young man who can woo our daughter. If after a while, they both want and so wish, they can be married. The others can go away.
They looked astonished and began to murmur. The bravest, addressed the mother with a frown.
-Excuse me, that's not what was agreed.... what have we earned, watering and caring for our plants for months? How can a failure like him take away something that should belong to one of us?
The father spoke up.
-This lad has had the courage to admit his failure.
The young man replied
-Do you mean it would have been better if we had let our plants dry?´
And the father said.
-That would never have happened, you know why?, because all the seeds were infertile.



The chatty one says.
–Nice story, but here everyone does what they want.

He was just coming up to the cashier. Both had fallen silent, immersed in thought. Suddenly I heard this question.
– Pass the word, effective or efficient, which do you prefer?
– Son muy parecidas. Responde
– An example: in the beginning the wheels of vehicles were inflated by people blowing air into the tyres. This method was effective but very tiring and it took too long to do, so years later compressed air equipment was invented and put in petrol stations.

– What is it?
– Effective!
– And the other?
– Efficient!
– Right!!
Both remained silent for a few seconds and the first says.
– You’re messing with me about blowing air in to the tyres , right?
–Nah ... actually I know someone who tried it, though to be honest, it did not work.
– He forgot to roll up the windows!!


We all know that a person is effective when they achieve their goals at any cost. They are efficient when they reach their objectives using minimal resources. What have I been taught since childhood? That life is good when lived with restraint and discretion, be frugal , do not spend beyond your means, whatever you earn. My grandfather said. When you can go by bike, walk. If you can go on a motorbike, go by bike. If by car, motorbike.


In short, for me, the road to happiness in life is not only to be myself, but giving everything to the best of my ability, to those around me, and for that, I believe that certain life values help me. In music, they are the key to feeling full, focused, inspired.

1.Work, effort, perseverance and organization
2. Sincere concern for others
3. Do good come what may
4. Vocation
5. Search for excellence through continuous improvement and innovation
6. Honesty and humility
7. Austerity and seeking efficiency

In future posts I will expand on these ideas with the hope that some might be useful.

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