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Which is my goal? Making your life more enjoyable helping you enhance your creativity, youth & health. How? Through my music, tips on nutrition & physical exercise, and some thinkings.

My story is just like that of any other who, at some point in their journey, finds the support and the strength necessary to change paths and choose a direction that leads them to their dreams.

I was born in 1964 and everything began when I was a child, as I clumsily attempted to reproduce the tunes that echoed in my head on the keyboard of an old piano.

At that time I simply sought to recreate a reality, map out a series of ideas and reinterpret those sharp images packed with life. I was not yet conscious of their value or the place where my emotions lay.

Reality would always close in on me as I completed each piece. My new world would disappear as I returned to the routine of combining my studies with work.

When I was 18, although I thought about nothing else except completing my studies, my interest in music continued to grow. My hands emulated my contemporaries. This was simply a reaction, an impulse, an unconscious response to a stimulus.

The world of work failed to erase that feeling, which remained alive, patiently awaiting its moment. It was then that I decided to change course, although I would have to wait some time to make it happen.

I grew up in a family in which endeavor and sacrifice were valued above all, where honesty meant nothing unless it was linked with respect and humility.

Words such as austerity and constant improvement, or innovation and the search for excellence were also heard on a daily basis in my family.

I consider myself to be a normal person, approachable, cooperative and gregarious. I am a fairly relaxed, optimistic and active individual. I am keen on a modern style, one that is pure and aseptic. I don't like things that are obscene and strident, but I do like what is sensual and sexy.

I love nature and raw materials; tree-trunks, stone, water. And if I had to choose a series of materials, I would opt for cement, steel, chipboard.

I love timeless music, melodies that have a rhythm and, above all, romantic music: “it´s raining again” by Supertramp, “Easy” de The Commodores, "Liebestraum" by Liszt, played by Alicia de la Rocha; “You are not alone” by Michael Jackson; “Little queen” by Eric Clapton; or “Money for nothing” by Dire Straits. These, amongst others, are the songs that have influenced me. Furthermore, I like thinking about music and image as a single and inseparable whole, as a single form of expression.

My life-style includes regular exercise and careful eating through enhanced nutrition. I have always believed that both can greatly preserve our youth and health while make us a better professional and person. It is difficult to see that everything is connected, however sports and a healthy diet make us more efficient at work. Even more, stimulate our creativity, that disruptive and elusive matter that enriches all our areas of expression and development. I like to share, i enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge about it with all people.

I have spent years far removed from the realms of musical composition and performance, focusing on very different activities. I realize that everything I have experienced up until now has been necessary in order to star showing my compositions and compose new work.

[[ Project under development ]]

[[ Project under development ]]