We wanted to make a promotional act of value for our followers
You might be interested to know five mistakes that I have made in carrying out these actions.

What promotional act was it?
On June 1, I launched my video-clip entitled EvaBlue. A month later, as a reward for viewing and subscibing to my Youtube channel, I announced a ticket raffle for a concert. It is also a way to contact my followers, listen to opinions and suggestions. Eight tickets for a concert by The Orchestra ( formerly the Electric Light Orchestra) in Madrid.


How was the draw held?
Through the website random.com, and after bringing the total number of subscribers to an Excel table, I made the draw and even videotaped the process. Then I relayed the news to the winners. I then asked the other subscribers if they wished to attend the concert in case any of the winners pulled out and couldn’t go.

After this process, my expectations were broken when the incredible number of just ONE person was confirmed to attend the concert.


What's going on here? Is this possible?
Clearly the promotion, which seemed attractive, interesting and valuable at the time turned out not to be. After a brief analysis here are my conclusions.

First and foremost
Believing that taste does not respect age and not adapting the promotion to the age of the target audience was a mistake.
While the Electric Light Orchestra was a successful group (now The Orchestra consisting of former members of the original group) they are more well known by people over 50. This contrasts with the profile of my listener today ranging in age from 25 to 55.


  Second mistake
Not taking the season into account.
At the end of July many people are on holidays. In addition, some are finishing their holiday period. Many are preparing to start theirs. Therefore this is not conducive to a significant percentage of followers.


Not considering the additional costs of travel and accommodation.
Many of my followers live far from Madrid. So if the choice of the event had been closer perhaps it would have been easier to attend.



As we are in summer, choosing a working day to go to the concert was a mistake.
Tuesday is a more difficult day to travel, relax and enjoy unlike the weekend.

Something that may be important in these formats: a companion.
Perhaps it would have been more effective if there had been four winners of two tickets each, so as to allow room for a companion.


  In summary
If we want to generate promotional value for our followers, we mustn’t lose sight of their needs and reasons   keeping in mind:

Extra costs

I hope these short reflections have been useful.

It is a comfort to me that you relax and enjoy the tune of EvaBlue:
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