Lately I have had some interesting questions in my head that until today I hadn’t been able to answer. I thought that finding the answers to these questions and sharing them with you would be interesting. With the invaluable help of a journalist friend I bring you the result of our search and analysis. As a music lover, I hope you enjoy this post. Here is the transcript. Enjoy !!!


A ranking of love themes for piano

I invite you to enjoy and share the following themes and, why not debate with me if they would be in your own personal ranking of favourite compositions. An element such as the piano is capable of transmitting a wealth of feelings with just a few notes. The sounds surrounding its magic make you feel special.


1. And if Für Elise by Beethoven was one of the most beautiful romantic compositions?

It is common knowledge that this is one of the great classics for piano in the history of music. This sonata for piano that the German composer left us is a work that is well-known by past, present and future generations around the world.

Worth listening to, praised and transmitted, considered by connoisseurs as one of the most romantic of yesteryear. We start this top 10 with an irreplaceable classic

2. When a man loves a woman

Before Michael Bolton covered the song, 'When a Man Loves a Woman' (in Spanish: Cuando un hombre ama a una mujer ) it was already a hit in America. With unstoppable and deserved popularity according to some music specialists who had great notoriety in the charts and the music industry of the sixties.

3. I Will Always Love You, Do you remember the song from the film ‘The Bodyguard’?

A great love song and soundtrack that will remain in our memory forever. A successful version by Whitney Houston for the film The Bodyguard .

Although some experts do not classify it as a love song because it was not conceived as such by its original composer, Dolly Parton, we have included it because the notes of the same for piano deserve it and are worth sharing.

4. My Heart Will Go On, Did you know that it was originally an instrumental?

This song, initially conceived as an instrumental was composed by James Horner and turned out to be one of the best sellers of all time. The award winning film 'Titanic' was responsible for this song being so successful, and Celine Dion’s rendition with her powerful voice played over the final scene and credits of the film. The finishing touch to the story of impossible love of the characters in the ‘film’.

5. I Want To Know What Love Is, What was it that Foreigner had to captivate everybody?

A song that seeped into the hearts of the British and Americans reaching the top of the charts. Popularized by the band Foreigner in 1984 and still played on the radio and in different versions.

6. Listen to your heart. What if we always listened to our hearts?

This song by the Swedish band Roxette even had a version in Spanish. It is worth interpreting the piano version of the popular single . A love ballad forever, don’t you think?

7. Who hasn’t seen the film An Officer and a Gentleman?

The popular 'Love Lifts us Up Where We Belong' was born in the eighties and had the honour of becoming the main music of one of the most romantic movies of the time: 'An Officer and a Gentleman'. With the voice of Joe Cocker forming a great duet with Jennifer Warnes. We leave you the instrumental track. Don´t you think this is a great composition to begin a piano concert?

8. Everything I Do, I Do It For You, Do you remember?

A brilliant romantic theme with the sensual voice of Bryan Adams. I've heard it's one of those pieces that you start practising at home and enjoy learning with . When you play this piece in public you just let yourself go. The sensitivity is in each note. Enjoy !

9. The Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody, One of the most famous soundtracks ?

Although it acquired fame with the film 'Ghost' you must know the strange fact that this 'Unchained Melody' is more than sixty years old and is among the most covered songs.

10. Adele, The most romantic of the twenty-first century?

Though her successes are from this century, the famous theme by the British singer Adele 'Someone like you' is a must in our ranking of the 10 most important love themes love. The music has marked a starting point among the romantics of this planet.

Also in this theme of 2011 we only need the piano to accompany her great voice . Isn´t it great?

As I said there are probably many important and successful love songs missing but I've made this list hoping you enjoy it as much I do.
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