Here are some general comments on how a healthy diet helps me to compose and work hard on piano technique. This style of eating has for years helped me to maintain long working hours. It has also allowed me avoid common illness. The ideas and experiences that I provide about this field are the result of my large interest in diet, in order to give myself the proper nutrition.

This knowledge has not always been applied; in fact, my weight imbalances and poor health forced me to put them into practice (every cloud has a silver lining!!)

I have also drawn lessons from mistakes I have made. I hope you find them useful.


Is it important to look after your diet, nutrition?

Since my adolescence I have been through some unpleasant situations, which were at the time a blight on my daily activity. From extreme thinness in puberty to climbing the first rungs of obesity at a certain point in my youth.

In addition, years of ill health took a lot of my energy away and time was wasted. All these imbalances were solved through adequate diet and nutrition supplements. So I believe that caring for this part of our lives is very important to avoid imbalances in our body weight as well as certain diseases. And not only to prevent, but also to reverse adverse situations.


What could be considered key to a healthy diet?

We know that macronutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and lipids are very important to our diet. Paying particular attention to the type of carbohydrate and in particular, taking into account the speed with which their sugars enter the bloodstream after digestion, have all been instrumental in correcting many of my imbalances.

On the other hand, we all know the importance of vitamins and trace elements, those substances that in very small amounts heal or make us ill whether or not we have needs. In my case, vitamin C supplementation was extremely effective in keeping colds and flu at bay.

I think that all macronutrients, vitamins and trace elements are important and should be paid attention to, but from my experience, caring for food rich in carbohydrates , monitoring which sugars enter the bloodstream more quickly, and taking vitamin C supplements can all be key to our health habits.


Why it could be beneficial to assess the type of carbohydrate in food?

If sugar is absorbed quickly through our intestines, the level of glycogen, of sugar in our blood soars, so the pancreas has to secrete too much insulin, a hormone in charge of taking out of the bloodstream not only those sugars but also other macronutrients such as fats.

Years ago, a few hours after every meal, I felt sleepy, irritable and hungry. At that time I also realised I was slowly gaining weight. So I decided, based on the nutritional knowledge I had acquired until then, to pay close attention to the glycemic index, I began to select those with medium-low glycemic index.

These unpleasant symptoms disappeared once I started to select foods that release carbohydrates slowly. Immediately I began to feel good after meals, not tired, irritable, or hungry. In addition, my weight started to go down and stay that way finally stabilizing at normal values.

It isn’t nice to face a session of intense work in piano technique and having to struggle with sleep, irritability or feeling hungry.


Why it could be beneficial to take vitamin C supplements?

There are many factors that make our immune system weak. Mine, for some of these factors has been fragile since childhood. This meant I got colds and flus with ugly diagnoses: high fever, and needed several days of recovery. I then decided to regularly start taking vitamin C tablets, plus orange juice.


After a few months I realised that I had stopped catching colds. I stopped getting sick. I gave up being a smoker which I had been for years. Not long after I began to get complacent and let my guard down reducing the amount of vitamin C. And of course I began catching colds again. So I went back taking the initial dose to solve the problem.

Flu-like processes, colds and states of weakness all take away the well-being required to compose well, to feel inspired. Perhaps this remedy can also be of use to those with a weak immune system.


When should we begin caring for our diet?

Many of us have the good fortune to have inherited healthy eating habits from our ancestors. The Mediterranean Diet is a great ally; it gives us a huge advantage over others. Those who follow this eating style are usually healthy and do not gain weight.

However, there may be people who are thin who follow a careless, or even poor diet, recent medical research highlights the fact that being thin does not mean good health; this is an illusion which could bring bad consequences.

In short, a good nutrition helps us to preserve our youth, health and enhances our creativity.

In future posts we will continue talking about nutrition and music.

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