In this video-report we analyze the state of the art production evaluating a piano keyboard sound by electronic means - digital, and through traditional acoustic generation.


Many people are torn between different options when purchasing a piano, wall Piano, grand piano, piano keyboard? What will satisfy us more? What option generates better sound quality - price? Do we want a cheap piano at the expense of whatever, or do we want the instrument too make us vibrate, feel, move us?

This article attempts to show expert opinion on the generation of the piano sound "live", "live" through a digital piano keyboard and also by means of an acoustic grand piano, so that you evaluate and ponder both at your convenience.


How can we generate a good piano sound "live" through a digital piano keyboard? How can you shape the sound and adapt it to your tastes, your personality? What are the common questions I ask myself when I go to buy a piano .Are price , ease of transportation or maintenance costs of the instrument the only issues? What are the benefits of the generation of electronic-digital sound quality against a good grand piano and vice versa ?

 Reportaje: Teclado piano digital vs Piano de cola Estreno el próximo 1 de julio. ver más

Sound quality, expressiveness, feelings, mobility and transportation of the instrument, cost, versatility, selection of piano sounds, maintenance costs ... must all be weighed up.

Every musician, every artist seeking to produce a "live", piano sound "live" and who has questions about this subject should find light in this report.

A team of professionals give their opinion:

clip "EvaBlue"

The technical features of the instruments used in the report:


Grand Piano: Yamaha


Master Keyboard Piano:  Kawai
Notebook:  Mac
Audio edition:  Logic
Plug-in Piano:  Pianoteq
Mastering Plug-in:  Izotope
Sound card: Apogee
Self-Powered Monitors: Neuman


Master Piano Keyboard: the same
Laptop: same
Audio Editor: same
Plug-in Piano: same
Mastering Plug-in: same
Sound card: Apogee
Monitores Autoamplificados (opción A): Focal
Self-Powered Monitors (Option B): Adam

I hope all of the above has been useful .
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