The shooting of the Eva Blue video-clip was a lovely experience for all who took part. I enjoyed the personal contact with all the members of Team Mrfactory and with the actors and it was great to see their high professional standards too.

It was filmed at the Mrfactory installations in Tres Cantos (Madrid), in particular on two film sets. In one of them, called "Croma" with walls and ceiling painted blue, a number of sequences were shot to be treated with 3D technology; indeed a friend Marc Gorchs from Morning Star was present during the shoot taking care of every detail in order to make the best possible 3D

The bulk of the filming was carried out on the magnificent main production set with black walls and ceiling.

The visible protagonists were: Monica Miranda, a great actress from Murcia, who has lived in Madrid for ten years and who hasn’t forgotten the lovely food from her hometown "marineras" and "matrimonios" of the Plaza de Las Flores de Murcia. And another brilliant actor from Valencia, Vicente Martinez, who has only been living in Madrid a short time. Both did great!!

Most of the shooting has already taken place and now comes the work of editing and post-production. Alberto Ros a "crack” director is already on it.

You can view the video from June 1

As always, I'll keep you up to date daily and from time to time on Twitter. There you can see all the photos taken during filming these last few days, and the making-of video which I will upload soon.

Lets keep going!!

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