I have compiled a number of ideas, the result of my creative composition exercises. These criteria and ways of doing things have served me well and perhaps could also be useful for you. In addition I mention mistakes I have made from which I have learnt.

What system is best to compose?

Since I started writing I have been carried away by the sensations and vibrations of certain combinations of notes and chords. To date I have not found, a generally accepted system for these creative processes in the available literature. I found mine and so far it suits me well. I think everyone should use our own style, our own system, which better serves our nature.


What moment could be best to compose ?

When I feel inspired, when a tune comes into my mind, when I feel the need to bring something abstract to the piano , I start work and try to get it out of me, to project onto the instrument.

Setting aside certain hours a week to compose?

On many occasions I have tried to assign time to compose, but a number of sessions have not been very fruitful. It has been much more effective to sit and perform this task when I felt the urge to do so, the call, the appetite; get carried away by the creative feeling. Yes, that is when certain values such as effort and perseverance must arise to achieve the best benefit. . A long , extended session if needed .

Is it important to do sport and look after our diet in order to create? 

I believe these to be fundamental. With what spirit can I create if I have a headache or feel dull? What perseverance can I use if I have to battle back problems? What creativity will I use if I lack energy or if my blood glucose level is low? How will I compose if I am tired, exhausted, upset.... The preventive work of sport and good nutrition for good health and quality of life I consider key to this process.


Can listening to a particular style of music help to bring inspiration?

I usually choose and listen to music that I like regardless of style. I have no clear musical preference, I have always been seduced by those musical pieces that make me vibrate, excited, even dance; those that have a special spring. These are what have inspired me. I believe everyone should draw inspiration from the themes they like best , whatever style: rock, funk, blues, hip-hop, pop, disco, electronic, piano, jazz, country, folk, classical, boleros, Cuban, Flamenco , rumba, tango ...

Should we generate complete stanzas every time we sit down to compose?

Whenever I am obsessed about completing a verse I always end up blocked . It is much better for me to create small musical pieces spontaneously that I like and then store and file them away. Later in a second phase, I combine and connect them, seeking synergies between them.

When should we address the beginning and end of a piece?

It has been easier to weave them together after generating the content of the work. I try not to obsess about it. I know how important how both ends are and I let my subconscious work on it as I go along.


Is a good piano sound needed to compose? 

Most of the compositions I have created using an acoustic upright piano middle-low quality, lately I use the grand piano sound produced with digital technology (which is also quite affordable ). This grand piano sound produced electronically helps me to get into the subjects , to generate the expression I need and then compose more easily and more convincingly.

I hope some of these ideas have been useful. In future posts I will write more about composition and performance
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