I recall a conversation I held with my friend Paco Fernández, which took place quite a while ago, and I was sharing my experiences with him on how this new path, which I had taken, came about. I was determined to improve playing the piano in order to serve a specific purpose. I felt the urge to bring music closer to people. Furthermore, I felt I wanted to share something special with all the people in need, to brighten up their lives through music. I also mentioned the challenge it meant and the difficulties I encountered due to the fact, that I am self-taught and have a rather limited repertoire.

Paco knows how passionate I have always been about music and was acquainted with the garage band that my brother, Augusto, and I set up. We decided that “Uña y Padrastro” was a suitable name. There is not an equivalent to express what the name implies, the closest I can think of is “Brother in arms”. After all, we are brothers and played together for the same reasons. We would play Boleros, Habaneras and Latino music from the 60s (below, a photo with our teacher Willy).


Paco mentioned that he was part of the choir at St. Michael’s Church in Murcia, and he invited me to join them as it would be a way of bringing joy to people’s hearts and praising The Lord. He suggested it would be a good start off for what I had in mind.

My answer to that was: “ There’s no accounting for tastes”
-You see Paco, that is not my kind of music, it seems rather out-of-date – meaning to say that it would be very unlikely for me to become part of the choir. To be honest, I had no intention of doing so.

My answer to his proposal was very firm, but he insisted and pointed out that he was making a very special choice of contemporary music and depicted it all in such a way, that before I knew it, I found myself showing up at a rehearsal.


Much to my surprise! Those moving chords and guitar strums, together with the polyphonic choir singing and rejoicing the Lord’s embracing messages, made me feel the rush of the good old days.

Ever since that day, I have been part of the choir. On Sundays at twelve, you will find me at St. Michael’s Church. I have taken to it all “like a duck to water” Music reaches out and fills everyone’s heart; it inspires us and makes us feel well. That is how I put my bit towards my cause and forming part of such an endearing Christian musical group.

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Besides, I feel very comfortable with the Choir’s Philosophy, which encourages us to follow our natural instincts and get carried away by what we truly feel at heart seeking to find a match between the chords, the polyphonic voices and the harmony of the musical instruments; the mingling of all these (chords, voices and harmony), lead us to vibrate, touch our fibres and we become lifted. Following these lines, we try our very best to hit the right key and shine with each song.

In addition, after spending several months rehearsing and rearranging each piece, I have come to realising that I have started to introduce my own musical style, which I was not aware of before, and it feels good. Now I can use some of my own compositions and this makes me feel at home.

Although we enjoy every single moment we share singing at St. Michael’s, there is a very touching moment, which took place one Saturday back in March, when we went to play and sing at a shelter for people in need called “Jesus The Abandoned”. The choir rejoiced singing our repertoire and we even introduced some of my compositions.

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Another very special moment we lived was the Easter Dawn during the Holy Hours. We sang until six o’clock in the morning and while improvising songs and some of my compositions, which kept us going and made us feel very emotional.

2016-08-09 14.20.14

The season changed and along came the Summer heat, which made us disband to go and plunge into the pool, but the strumming of the guitars and singing along reunited some of us. We shared an incredible religious fellowship at Paco Fernández’s parents home in Puerto de Mazarrón, Murcia, Spain.

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2016-08-09 14.36.02

Just a month to go until we get together and pick up from where we left off the last time! We keep our spirits high and our engines tuned; looking forward to meeting and sharing again.

If it is the Lord’s wish, we will continue singing at St. Michael’s and, within our reach, will try to visit more communities or organisations for people in need to brighten their day a little. Music is “chicken soup for the soul” and we intend to spread hope and joy singing our Christian music. We will also include some beautiful pieces composed by Ángel Guirao and José Antonio Flores; even some of compositions for piano.
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